Housing Affordability and Houselessness

Houselessness is a long-term problem across Multnomah County, made enormously worse by the pandemic. It requires immediate action to address the humanitarian crisis happening all around us.

That means supporting the siting and expansion of safe rest villages across our community and purchasing additional hotels to use immediately and often at lower cost. It means expanding our mental health and addiction services and working with the city to improve trash pickup and police response.

That means bringing together the mayor, county chair, and other partners monthly as a concrete sign of our commitment to making progress. It means being results-driven and accountable: bringing online a new database to track real-time shelter, housing, and safe rest site availability.

Voters invested generously in three measures to construct affordable housing and provide supportive services. Our community deserves innovative, impactful use of those dollars and proven, transparent leadership to deliver on their promise. I’m the only candidate in this race with the record of bringing people together to get big things done at both the state and the local level.

I pledge to:

We will continue to bring affordable housing units online, providing people with affordable and supportive housing to transition into. 

Every action on this critical issue will be evaluated in real time – those policies that are working will continue, and those efforts that aren’t delivering as we’d hoped will be discontinued. At the end of the day, we have to remember that there are real people in this crisis who are struggling. Our number one priority must be to get every Multnomah County resident into safe, sanitary living situations. The encampments around our county are inhumane and a risk to public health. 

In my time as County Commissioner, I have:

But as long as there are people living on our streets, this is not enough. We can and must do better. And we will.