Jessica Vega Pederson

A proven leader for Multnomah County

Jessica Vega Pederson for Multnomah County

I’m Jessica Vega Pederson, and I’m running for Multnomah County Chair because everyone in our community deserves safe, stable housing, clean air and water, and the chance to learn and thrive. I first ran for office ten years ago as a young mom driven by a desire to make sure all kids, no matter their zip code, have access to connected sidewalks, safe housing, and educational opportunity. I still believe that all of us deserve this and through the work I’ve done in these ten years, I know we can accomplish great things. As your next County Chair, I am ready to take on the challenges we face and work together for a thriving Multnomah County.


Parents, small business owners, elected officials, advocates, and community leaders across Multnomah County are on Team JVP. Join our dozens of endorsers here.

Shemia Fagan
Secretary of State
Carmen Rubio
Portland City Commissioner
UFCW Local 555
Labor Union
Kayse Jama
State Senator
Cameron Whitten
Community Activist
Lydia Gray-Holifield
Community Leader
Barbara Roberts
Former Governor of Oregon
Michelle DePass
Portland Public School Board Chair
Andrea Valderrama
State Representative
Tina Kotek
Oregon House Speaker
Ernesto Fonseca
Community Leader
Lynn Peterson
Metro Council President

On the issues

Housing and Houselessness

I will treat houselessness and the affordability housing crisis as the emergency it is


Public Safety and Gun Violence

I will increase funding in violence prevention and restorative justice


Climate and Environment

The climate crisis is a global threat with local opportunities for action