Proudly Endorsed By

Barbara Roberts

Former Governor of Oregon

UFCW Local 555

Labor Union

Shemia Fagan

Oregon Secretary of State

Val Hoyle

Oregon Labor Commissioner

Tina Kotek

Oregon House Speaker

Carmen Rubio

Portland City Commissioner

Ana Gonzalez Muñoz

Reynolds School Board Member

Guadalupe Guerrero

Portland Public Schools Superintendent

Hoa Nguyen

David Douglas School Board Member

Jessica Arzate

Multnomah Education Service District Chair

Michelle DePass

Portland Public School Board Chair

Stephanie Stephens

David Douglas School Board Member

Annette Mattson

Mt. Hood Community College Board Chair

Kathryn Harrington

Washington County Chair

Pam Treece

Washington County Commissioner

Rukaiyah Adams

Meyer Memorial Trust CIO

Juan Carlos González

Metro Councilor

Lynn Peterson

Metro Chair

Sarah Iannarone

Our Portland PAC

Alando Simpson

City of Roses Disposal & Recycling owner

Jennifer Williamson

Former House Majority Leader

Alissa Keny-Guyer

Former State Representative

Diane Rosenbaum

Former State Representative

Dan Rayfield

State Representative

Andrea Salinas

State Representative

Andrea Valderrama

State Representative

Courtney Neron

State Representative

Dacia Grayber

State Representative

Karin Power

State Representative

Khanh Pham

State Representative

Teresa Alonso León

State Representative

Kayse Jama

State Senator

Ashton Simpson

Community Leader

Tony DeFalco

Community Leader

Candace Avalos

Community Leader

Duncan Hwang

Community Leader

Ernesto Fonseca

Community Leader

Community Leaders Endorse Team JVP

Parents, small business owners, elected officials, and community leaders all across Multnomah County are coming together to support Jessica Vega Pederson. We’re building a team that is broad and bold, and we need you with us. If you agree that all families deserve access to stable housing, strong schools, clean air, and a chance to thrive, join Team JVP with your endorsement today!
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